Thursday, 28 June 2012

Wednesday 2200 hours.

Wednesday 2200 hours.  Well what a tough day today. The only thing worst in sail than no wind is no wind and it raining on you. We got soaked to day and made very little headway. We wher delighted in pulling Diablo back to a couple of miles only to sail into another hole and see them move 25 miles ahead.  We finally seen another boat today and it was joker. He was 3 miles from us. When we got out from behind Tory island he was 9 miles ahead. There is always a big debate between asymmetrical sails and symmetrical sails. Well after this race I am sold on the a sails. Every time they get a patch of wind they leave us for dead. I have to hand it to Nick and Andy on Diablo J they are really good    Anyway we are now passing lough Swilly tipping along at 4 knots. We are expecting heavy weather tonight. So we are preparing the boat for a rough couple of hours. crackling rose are just pasing us. They have obviously some serious technical issues to be anywhere near us.  Well till Tomorrow. 

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