Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wednesday 12 noon

Wednesday 12 noon  Now we are just an hour away from Calling in at Arron Island off Donegal. We are going at 6 knts. This is the slowest it's been since yesterday At 10 am. The wind has died to just 6 knts. We have managed to close gap to Diablo j down to a couple of miles.  However it now looks like we are all going to be parked at Rathlin island. The forecast is showing no wind there from 10 pm tonight to tomorrow morning. This could mean all boats gather then when wind comes we all race together to Wicklow. Ya there are a lot of twists to come yet  The only guess we get out here to how we are doing is the radio checks everyone has to do we know from this srech is 2 hours ahead of us and the other J Boats are 1 hour ahead. Desart star and that group are just one hour behind. So if there is a few hours with no wind we will all be bunched again. We are very happy with the way things are going. If we were not stopped at fastnet we would be with the j boats and as they are rated far higher than us we have done well to stay with them.  Brian is great fixing things on board. He has his leather man and any problem is fixed in a moment. Good to have a boat builder on board also his a great sailor.  Well it looks like the race will come down to a hard slog against wind and rain down the Irish sea on Friday. Hope we are part of it and not left behind.   

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