Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tuesday 5 pm

Tuesday 5 pm.  Cleared Great froze Rock around 9 am. Had Fasttrack still about a mile ahead and were not able to eat into his lead.  Once clear we had a straight 122 mile run to Mayo. If wind holds. So far it has stayed constant 15 kts SW. Brian took shift 9 to 12 then I took 12 to 3. It's hard to sleep when you are off watch and impossible to stay awake when you are on. This is the hardest I have found with 2 handed racing. When you are on a watch alone it's hard to stay awake.  Big treat this evening a friend of Brian's have us Shepard's Pie and we had that today. How ever while reheating it in oven the guy snapped in two. I was putting pie in oven when Brian shouted I need a new guy. I was thinking Jamie Oliver does not have to put up with that. In fact I would like to see the Hairy Bikers cook in a kitchen that is swinging and put stuff into a swinging oven.  Since leaving Froze rock 64 miles ago we have not seen anyone. I know when you look at the tracker it seems we are close but we have seen no sail or mast on horizon.  That is one of the hard parts of offshore racing is not seeing anyone. When you see other boats you notice what angle they are at when they change sails and what speed they are going at. This helps keep you focused   And you know if you have something wrong. Out here on the Atlantic apart from the occasional whale or dolphin there is no sign of life. You have to focus hard and make sure boat is always at max speed.  We will soon be passing Inishboffin. Surly a crime to pass Murray's pub and not have a pint. You can be sure now summer season is on there'd be some craic in there. Maybe Andy Murray would run out in a rib with a couple of pints of Guinness.  Andy Murray crewed several times on Lula Belle.  Ah well I someday certainly intend to sail to that island just for a pint in Murray's.   

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